A new way,
for a new world.

A decentralized platform.
Consumer data can never
be collected.
A privacy firewall. No
personal information ever
leaves Glimpse.
Glimpse IDs. Random IDs can never be tracked but enable cookieless measurement & conversion tracking.

Glimpse is bringing new technology to programmatic. Our platform is private, compliant and cookieless.

With brands increasingly purpose-driven, we bring privacy, sustainability and compliance to digital advertising.

Our platform acts as a privacy layer but still offers precise and cookieless targeting, measurement and conversion tracking. And it works on all browsers, bringing Safari back in from the cold.

By stopping personal data entering the bidstream, we reduce data transmission and downstream processing. With hundreds of actors usually capturing, storing and processing personal data, we dramatically reduce the carbon impact of digital advertising.

We call it responsible media. It’s ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable. Most importantly, it’s commercially effective and technologically future-proofed.

  • For Advertisers
  • For Publishers

For Advertisers

Glimpse solves digital marketing challenges.

We deliver:

A privacy-safe and fully compliance supply chain
A responsible and purposeful approach to media
Cookieless tech that operates on Safari & all browsers

For Publishers

Glimpse is the privacy layer for publishers.

We deliver:

New revenue from privacy-safe, ethical marketplaces
Attract advertisers with a responsible supply chain
Easy to integrate - we’re compatible with all tech stacks & DMPs
Ask about our cookieless ad server - extending reach to all readers

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