Last updated:
19th Aug 2021

What is Glimpse Protocol and how does it work?

Glimpse is a privacy-preserving digital advertising platform. We help advertisers reach potential customers while respecting the privacy of individuals.

We use a limited amount of information based on your browsing activity on Glimpse-enabled sites to show you adverts which we believe may interest you. But, unlike other digital adverts you see online, Glimpse never transfers or allows access to your data.

Don’t all websites promise to keep my data private – how is Glimpse different?

Typically, when you click ‘I accept’ on a website’s privacy policy, you are giving your consent for 1000s of companies to access, use and monetise your information. At Glimpse we don’t think this is fair or safe.

We have built a different system. Working with our publisher partners, we create a ‘privacy firewall’ that ensures no other party can ever view or access any information personal to you.

Why is it important to keep my data private?

When your data is not controlled and kept private, it can be used by businesses to influence the way you think and act online. Frequently, these businesses use your data in ways that are unethical and harmful to you. This can impact our economic well being, our mental health and even our safety.

How does Glimpse help? 

Existing technology that enables the digital advertising industry plays a significant role in breaching consumer privacy online. While advertising revenue can be an important source of revenue for journalism and public interest news, it should not come at the expense of your privacy. Worst of all, it doesn’t need to be like this.

The current system is built on technologies that are over 30 years old. Using modern technologies and methodologies, Glimpse has created a system that prevents your data from being abused.

Where can I find out more?

You can read more about Glimpse on our website and blog here.