Glimpse is proud to announce that they have achieved successful certification as a B Corporation

We’re very proud to announce that Glimpse has been certified as a B Corporation #BCorp 🎉

We set out to certify #BCorp to demonstrate that it’s possible to advertise digitally in a way that’s ethical, socially responsible and environmentally sustainable. It’s been hard work but we’re thrilled to have achieved what is the highest accolade in the world for corporate responsibility.

How is Glimpse different from other advertising platforms?

Privacy is our USP. We’re built ground-up, with unique technology, to be completely private and still offer innovative tools and unique insights for advertising.

Privacy is an increasingly important social value. Consumers are increasingly conscious of how their data is handled and they demand transparency and fairness. Brands and publishers want to reflect their consumers’ values, and Glimpse offers a platform to align the relationship.

And privacy is more than a social value. Importantly, it means environmental sustainability. Digital advertising consumes vast amounts of energy, assessed at 0.2% of global emissions by academics. By stemming the flow of personal data into the advertising machine, we reduce the carbon impact of an advertising campaign by 97%, an average of 3 tonnes per campaign.

Privacy also means compliance. The adtech sector has struggled to offer compliant products to their publisher and brand clients. Across the world, regulators are becoming more assertive, clamping down on adtech that falls on the wrong side of privacy regulation. Glimpse offers a platform with 100% privacy compliance.

Here at Glimpse, we uphold the highest standards of ethics and responsibility. We have changed our constitution to ensure that we measure our performance against our social and environmental impact, as well as more traditional financial measures. We are proud of our diverse team. We monitor and reduce our own carbon footprint, and have achieved net zero in our latest reporting year, four years ahead of our target.

We’re proud to be a #BCorp and to be delivering new advertising technologies that are fit for a private, responsible and sustainable future.

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