By August 1st, Tapad will cease to use their cross-device identity resolution product: Tadap Graph.

Although Tapad has attributed the removal of Tapad Graph to purely commercial reasons, it comes as other major DMPs are ceasing their services amid rapidly tightening regulatory focus.

This decision follows previous action by the UK’s Information Commissioner Office (ICO) against Tapad’s parent company Experian in October 2020. The regulator found that the data broker was failing to comply with transparency and consent requirements of the GDPR.

The role of DMPs is increasingly in focus and it is likely that many more will struggle to survive the regulatory and technological headwinds. Globally, privacy regulators have made clear that the sharing of personal information in advertising cannot continue. And the end of the third-party cookie is removing the connective tissue that allows consumers to be tracked by DMPs.

After restarting their investigation into Adtech in January 2021, the ICO specifically stated that they would be focussing on DMPs – with audits ongoing with an unspecified number of adtech businesses.

Given this context, it would be unsurprising if Tapad had taken a pre-emptive decision to avoid further regulatory action – as suggested in Ad Exchanger’s reporting.

The ICO’s position has been consistent since their 2019 report into adtech:

The complex system of RTB can use people’s sensitive personal data to serve adverts and requires people’s explicit consent, which is not happening right now. Sharing people’s data with potentially hundreds of companies, without properly assessing and addressing the risk of these counterparties, also raises questions around the security and retention of this data.”

Many incumbent adtech companies continue to assert their credentials as “global leaders in privacy-safe, cross-device identity resolution.” However, evidence increasingly suggests that complying with regulation requires more than updating website copy.

At Glimpse, our guarantees around compliance are more than skin deep. Our proprietary, decentralized technology brings privacy-preserving targeting and measurement, without cookies. We built our platform from the ground up, to be private by design and endure beyond regulatory disruption.

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