The end of the third-party cookie is the hottest topic in digital advertising - fuelling concerns amongst marketers. But, in the midst of this uncertainty, how should they respond?

Tackling this question, the World Federation of Advertisers (WFA), the body representing marketers worldwide, produced a report giving their members a view on potential implications of this seismic change.

In case you missed it, below are four key points from the WFA’s paper – taking a look at the deeper impact of a post-cookie landscape.

Ending third-party cookies is not simply a technical change, it is “a sign of a bigger shift driven by regulatory scrutiny, legal risk and public opinion.”

This means that advertisers must consider external legal and ethical forces when adapting to a post-cookie world – rather than just finding the easiest technical workaround.

Advertisers will need to switch to products that use no, or limited, third-party data.

For some, this could mean the end of cross-site tracking and abandoning the pursuit of precision. A more moderate interpretation will likely see products that rely on closer partnerships with publishers, first-party data, and a different relationship with the consumer.

Third-party data in an advertiser’s digital supply chain is a potential legal and regulatory risk.

Whether it’s scrutiny from the European Court of Justice indicating that advertisers retain the liability for non-compliant third parties, or new regulations globally, marketers must think twice about how they deliver campaigns. Connected to this, using platforms that are perceived to be unethical could be just as damaging to reputation.

Brands must ask more questions about the data they use.

Understanding where consumer data has come from and whether the consumer really wanted to share the information is key. And these questions need to be asked before consumer data is accessed. As the WFA puts it: “in a world where brands talk about purpose, respect for the consumer and building trust, how can we afford not to answer these questions?”

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